Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Trying something old

Back to the Ed project tonight. I had a go a while back making the sides from plasticard. this involved a 1mm thick side with a 0.25mm laminate over the tip. after a couple of hour's work everything looked OK, and so I toddled of to bed. The next morning I was greeted with this vision.


After merrily demonstrating my command of swear words in a variety of languages I then promptly got disheartened and gave up on it for a couple of weeks.

Then suddenly the coin dropped (or a WFT moment if you will). Darryl has only been using paper cutouts on plasticard since before the dawn of the Internet, so maybe that would be better. I copied the plan that I had (remember folks, its an Addington built side with Hutt headlights) several times and then set to work. First up I scored some lines in the 1mm plasticard where the grills would be under the paper. Next I cut out the side from the plan, and after removing the windows and grill holes, attached it with 5 minute araldite.
The vent doors in the side were next, with their holes in the middle and the paneling outside the grills. The framing is about 1mm but still easy to do if you are careful (and if you rip it, it's just a paper plan, toss it and grab another). Everything is glued together with PVA.

I should have tried this years ago.

Next up was the fabled other side, only existing in photo's. As I previously recounted, I drew up the side in a larger scale and then reduced it on a photocopier.

Assuming the glue holds, I think it will work.

(You all should have noticed that I have tidied the workbench. One of the Joys of renting is the 3 monthly inspection, and I think the piles of debris that generally cover the floor in this room would be frowned upon buy the landlords. Still, at least the place gets a good clean every 3 months)


sxytrain said...

I know I've had a number of WTF moments recently, but whats a WFT moment? Wasta F***** Time?

Motorised Dandruff said...

'What the Feck am I doing?

Darryl said...

Rebuilt Wf (with a turbo)

sxytrain said...