Sunday, July 24, 2016

Palmy Rail-X 2016

Well, another 2 years, another Rail-X.

Again this year I joined the peanut galley to make models while the masses loo on in mostly bemusement. On Saturday I spent the day building some larger scale track, while B 0-4-4-0 flew the flag by working on his model of Conns Creek. After the completion of the track work on Saturday night, we had to come up with a way to clean off the residual flux at the venue.
Cue the kitchen sink and a couple of table spoons of bicarb.

We then patted the track work dry with hand towels, did a quick runner and no one was any the wiser...

On Sunday morning, I had a crack at the Tomytec bus chassis. In the previous post on this topic I had pointed out that there needed to be a visit to the chop shop. After having a bit of a think I came up with a plan. After doing a bit of measurement some brass tube was soldered to nickel silver shim to create a hinge type contraption with the front steering unit attached to one side of the hinge and the rest of the mech attached to the other. I added a second piece of nickel silver to act as a clip to hold everything together.

I then added a few bits of cardboard to hold the top in about the right place and stuck it on temporarily

The rear wheel looks a bit odd due to the photo angle but it is actually in the right place.
I didn't have any road prepared but it roamed the table with a surprising amount of grunt.

Finally, I quickly knocked together a test piece to check if an idea I had for a bush tram layout would work. using some of the grass mat and some code 40 track, plus a handful of donated scenics, I knocked up the idea in about 30 minutes.

It needs a shave in places but for a first attempt I think it shows promise.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

That time of the year again

For those of you how live close to palmy, on the 23rd and 24th of this month there is a Railx on at the normal location (Barber Hall which is part of the arena Manawatu). All the usual suspects will bet  there, plus Mr Trackgang and at least one unusual suspect.

I should be there most of the time though I may have to visit the Home show at some point which is on the other side of the complex. Houses don't just insulate themselves......