Monday, January 31, 2011


( its a bit late I know, but getting a new fangled thing like the Internet or indeed even a phone on at Schloss Dandruff has proved to be a bit on the Luddite side. I've almost been tempted to offer my services with a soldering iron to speed things along)

Its a bit late, but here's some shots of my last day in the South Island for a while. Theres not much to do in the parking lot while waiting for the ferry, but the loco depot is only just across the fence.

And eventually, after a bit of waiting, heres a last shot of the South island as I head off back to the fish Maui would have thrown back had he known any better....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bah Humbug

If there is one thing that I really really hate its moving house. it just seems to be a complete waste of time to put all ones possessions into boxes, then take them out several days later. There is also the loss of modeling time, bits that you really wanted etc.....

So, while stuff all is happening apart from me waving various cleaning implements, a couple of links to some nice kettle photos from 1963 and 1964.
Lots of good modeling stuff there, even if you like shiny new boxes. I'm still surprised to see collections like this coming out of the woodwork occasionally, but its good to seethat there is still an untapped treasure trove of pictures waiting to be discovered.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A movement update

After an action packed day on foot in Newhometown yesterday, I can report that we have a new location to move to. The lady of the house has suggested naming it Schloss Dandruff, since its in another island. So, one of the biggies ticked off the list, somewhere to move to. We have also sorted a moving company and so the last day in Nelson is next Thursday.

The layout has already been sorted.

'Hmm, it might even fit in the car like this....'

Monday, January 10, 2011

On Tour VII; the end

One last instalment from the trip down south.

Moving back to Timaru. First up is a picture of where the old loco depot once was. Its now the ballast yard. the track running through leads to the old turntable which still appears to be functional.

Next up the new loco depot. Not much to look at but its all they have left.

I then had a wander round the back streets. most of the street trackage has been lifted, but you can still see where it once was.

However in some places it still survives, and in a potentially quite modelable form.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

On Tour VI

Well, I'm back in Nelson for the moment (moving to a new city is challenging, especially if its 2 weeks away and you have yet to find a place to move to), but the tour pictures will continue, as theres going to be sod all modeling done for the next couple of months.
Today's batch is from Oamaru, during a day visit to North Otago (I recommend the Herbert camping ground as its run by relatives of both myself and the lady of the house. The south island has 2 degrees of separation, which is sufficient for marriage).

The Oamaru port is home to one of the lesser known preservation sites in the country (Mandeville not withstanding). Its actually located on the site of the first Oamaru station which as far as I can tell from the track work was about here...

Oamaru was once famous for its collection of old steam locos that were dumped to protect the foreshore back in the days when scrap metal was worth nothing. Unfortunately they have since rusted away to next to nothing in the corrosive sea air. I think this might once have been part of a Baldwin Ub

This was easier to identify as an old single Fairlie

The last one was a bit more of a challenge. its a 4-6-0, but could have been anything

However, closer inspection reveals the fine print

Thursday, January 06, 2011

On tour V. Pleasant day

After Kingston, the next stop was Timaru, the current ancestral seat of the clan McMotorised dandruff. And finally the weather had sorted itself out, which means it was time to go on some side trip.

In complete contrast to Kingston, Pleasant point is possible one of the most well presented preservation sites in the country.

'I don't recall many roundabouts in the plan books?'

While there we indulged in something I don't normally do at preservation sites (I'm too busy playing the camera happy Asian tourist tourist), actually riding on the train. It does give a chance to get some interesting shots though.

In this case its necessary to get to the storage at the other end of the line to have a look round the sheds. you also get the chance to take pictures like this.

Pleasant Point also have a smallest rail car in the country, a nice replica of a Model T. it gets turned at the end of each journey, with the passengers doing all the hard work

We rode back to the station in this, and I can only say that I can see why they didn't catch on. it hunts and rattles and bangs around on straight track, gawd knows what it would be like on a curve.

Oh, and the admission price is a ridiculously cheap $8 for adults. well worth the detour off the main highway on a running day.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

On Tour IV; sad sight

On the trip back north to Timaru, we detoured through the center of the country, allowing me to get some photos of the saddest sight in the country preservation wise.

'Out to pasture'

The location that was once the flagship of the preservation movement in the country, and an international attraction quietly deteriorating in the outdoors, a victim of greed and stupidity. its still seems to be in good nick, no obvious signs of vandalism etc. Just a bit on the worn side

All bets are currently off as to when/if it will run again as the receivers want twice what its currently worth.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

On Tour III; Southland sojourn pt II

Following on from Gorrre, I then headed up to Mandeville to see what the preservation site looked like. The answer is......

...A collection of bits in a paddock beside the aviation museum. Its the first preservation site I've seen without any track, well apart from this bit.

'Just what I was looking for'

I must confess to preferring the restored version of K92 to its older sibling K88, which to my mind looks a bit too garish. I like the idea of modeling them as they were in later years with light trains on Southland branch lines (which could lead to a whole other post at some point).

Onto Lumsden, and the station there, though its a pity there is no longer a rail yard to serve it.

Finally, keeping ones eyes off the road does pay off with discoveries like this, which is the old Center Bush goods shed slowly falling apart in a paddock.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Is it finally over?

This morning I'm planning to wake up with the 'annus horriblius' that was 2010 well and truely behind me. This coming year can't possibly be any worse can it?

OK then. plans for 2011. I suppose I should go back and have a look what I thought I was going to get done. from januray 12th

>So, aims for the year.
>-Hand lay track on the layout.
>-Better undergubbins for wagons.
>( Oh, and work towards a running Ka, but that's a long shot)

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. Very simple. I also seem to have done well on the list. Hand laid track tick. Better undergubbins for wagons....well a pass I guess. 2mm wheels made some moves in the right direction (and I hope a package from Oz is in the post when I get home which might be a better option in the end). The underframes not so good ie nothing.

The whole Ka project was a non stater in 2010, though I've done a bit more thinking behind the scenes, and hopefully this years job move will put me into a better position/location to move this forward.

So, some aims for the coming year?
-Finish laying the track for Paekakariki.
-Get some scenery started/ finished on the layout.
-Solve the underframe problems.
-Get a 54' driving wheel completed.

There, that sounds reasonable doesn't it?