Monday, July 27, 2009

Down at the depot part 2

Darryl Palmer has sent some pictures in reply to Michaels appeal for photo's of the engine shed at Marton.

The only comment I'll make is 'Man, someone had an awfully hard 3 day weekend before they designed this first thing Monday morning'. Thats one butt ugly building. I wouldn't even hide it in a fiddle yard.
(I suppose I should apologize to people who like buildings like this, but I won't. It rates right up there with Clyde and Oamaru sheds in shear horribleness. give me a run down rickety wooden structure any day.)


Michael said...

Not many times I have disagreed with your thoughts... This has to be one of the coolest NZR buildings around. Although I have to admit I do like the more modern buildings on the NZR system e.g. Oamaru's goods shed and Balclutha's station.

lalover said...

Well said Michael! and I'll agree and state publicly that I intend to build a model of it.... one day!
Taihape had a similar version with two bays.

Amateur Fettler said...

I think I grabbed the Taihape plans from work...was that for you??

Luke Ueda-Sarson said...

I'm with rab - IMNSHO that is sure one fuggly piece of "architecture".

lalover said...

Yes AM Fettler it was for me!

A little too large for the layout however