Friday, July 24, 2009

Kit review; Trackgang Nc part II

When we finished up last night with a stack of unburnt fingers, the basic underframe of the wagon was together. Now, read on.

The 2 ends were tided up with a file. The ends of the floor were squared up, and also the notches on the ends of the solebar were filed until a test fitting of the end was square. the ends were then glued in. The Nc has an outside brace on the floor to support the outside of the deck. these were filed to fit in place and then glued.

'This is a crap photo'

At this point the only thing left to fit were the stanchions. These were first filed as there is a bit of mold mismatch on the castings. This is the hardest bit of the job. I measured up the location points on the deck and marked them with pencil. As I didn't have a plan to work from (my preferred method) I measured the deck (50mm) and divided by 7 (there's 6 stanchions) giving 7mm between stanchions with a wee bit of a fudge factor. The stanchions were set up on the workbench with the square pad side down and the side with the notch face up (a close inspection will reveal all). I applied glue to the correct mounting points and, with the wagon sitting on it's side but slightly raised off the bench, then slid the stanchions into place one by one. I then braced the wagon while the glue set.

After the second side was done we get to the final model sans paint.

So, now to final comments. The smaller wheels have not made as much visual difference as I thought they would (from the photo above its about the same height as the Lc next to it). The flanges are possibly a bit smaller than I like. The kits itself goes together nice and easily. The downsides are; the bearings could be better shaped, the stanchions are quite fiddly (but there's no easy way round that), and also quite weak (I'm not convinced solder would fix this).

Overall, its not perfect. however it does look OK, and with a deck load will look the part. I think it could probably be converted to an Na (again having not seen a plan) with the attachment of the bond chain housings on the sides.

I will probably buy a few more.


sxytrain said...

Are you sure the instructions aren't still in the delivery box?

Motorised Dandruff said...

Yes, I'm positive the instructions are still in the delivery box :v)

Drew said...

We had many NAK wagons here in Hawera stored on the gantry road, used for holding 20' containers waiting for trucks or pk / uk wagons.

They never left the yard, but were just shuffled back and forth along the siding...

If I dig deep enough I may be able to produce some photos.


Darryl said...

I reckon if the sides could be molded with stancheons in place (one piece side WITH stancheons), this would be a much much much easier kit to assemble for incapables like me. The stancheons and my fear of the chassis caused me to ditch almost all of my NC kits, using just the ends (which are very nice) on a peco chassis with plastic sides. In this old MD post Then again, that kind of complex casting may not be technically possible.

I've received a couple of UKs (thanks Trackgang) that I'm going to try to assemble shortly with bearings.

Woodsworks said...

Or possibly the whole floor could be moulded with the stakes laid down flat....bend them upright and put a spot of glue or solder on the inside? Even just a wee notch in the floor to locate the stanchions would help.

Amateur Fettler said...

"This is a crap photo..."

Of course it is! There is no rainbow wiring in the background!

Also, I'm looking forward to reading Drews review of the Trackgang Ks...

Drew said...

Some people take eveything so personally....



The wagons look great, and I only hope I can do it justice..
Thinking on pottering with the KS wagon tonight.