Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sort of product review

As there is not much modeling going on here at the moment, I thought I would post a new product review. OK, so its not new, but new to me.

Over the years I have used many different paint brands. Starting off with good old Humbrol enamels in the early 80's (and the cleanup hassles), then  discovering the eastern exotics of Tamiya and the wonders of acrylics. Floquil just passed me by as it was a brand that never made it out into the wilds of the South Island.
In Wellington I eventually discovered Vallejo acrylics during my wargaming phase, which was a step up from Tamiya. more recently in Nelson I started using Citadel/warhammer colours, which again had its own set of pluses and minuses. However I always came back to Humbrol for some shades that no one else seemed to do as well.

 OK, so at this point I guess I should comment on the minuses I see in each of the brands.

Humbrol- The lids should win a queens award for "just what the hell were they thinking!" The paint dries up (matt) or forms skins no matter how hard the lids go on. Requires a ready supply of turps to keep the brushes clean.

Tamiya-A wide selection of colours for the wargamer, but with some odd gaps. The paint is OK, but the pigments crash out of suspension without warning. The lids can gum shut

Valljo- Great system for getting small amounts of paint out, and seals shuts so no drying out. covers really well, but has to be sealed as it rubs off really easy.

Now despite these comments, there are still places where I use all these paints to best utilise there unique properties

Recently in one of the 2 model shops in Palmy, I discovered that Humbrol now does acrylics.
The tin lid is gone, replaced by a plastic screw lid. The paint (so far) seems to cover well, and doesn't seem to rub off.

Only one problem. there are 2 ranges, a railroad authentic range and a standard range. I managed to try to open the standard range upside done without reading the clear instructions. Oh, and the standard range has a pop lid (which I did not notice till looking at it tonight)

I still maintain its not clearly labeled.

Once the modeling bench is set up again I'll do some more in depth testing to get a better idea of just what the Humbrol acrylics will and  won't do.

Oh, and I can't comment on how any of these paints in an airbrush. I've never used one, and don't see myself starting.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

And so it begins (again)

Its all been a bit surreal over the last few weeks. we have brought a house, but the settlement date is not till the middle of next month. Thus the packing is not overly important at the moment. However time does march on, and so tonight I made a start on the Man-sion.
Paekakariki came down in about 30 minutes single handed. Most of this was spent with me buggering round looking for things. I think I could probably get it down to around 10 minutes with a bit of practice.

Interestingly enough once it was down I had a look at all that space that I could have utilised so much better than I had over the last 2 1/2 years. The one word that sprang into my mind was 'Cass'.
Maybe next time.