Monday, April 25, 2016

Magazine review time

While on the way out to pick up a few bags of premix cement, I was able to stop off at the local magazine shop for the latest issue of the Railfan. In this quarters magazine we have;
-17 pages of modern image holiday snaps. That is a lot of trains. also a note that again DB gets the center spread. I believe he has sold his soul for these things....
-An article on early turntables.
-An article on 44' birdcage cars.
-The usual suspects. nice to see progress being made on the 88 seat railcar restoration just over the hill, and I must pay them another visit at some point.
For once there was not a lot to float my boat, though some of the early photographs may well repay some closer study.

I also picked up a copy of the Local rag (the Journal). several items caught my eye in the 10 second flick through, so I plonked down my money for it.
-A well illustrated article on sawmills in NZ, a topic which I have been pondering for quite a while. Some good info and photos which should aid replication the prototype in model form. One photo in particular is pretty much exactly what I had been planning to model.
-A photo article on John Agnews west coast railway in S scale. I reneber seeing pictures of this layout in the first journals we found in the mid 80's and its nice to have a more complete overview including a track plan. It was interesting to see someone elses thoughts on how to model a large system, as I have spent some time kicking round various plans on paper for similar layouts.
-NZ120 in the Journal jewels (which might be a first?) again its from the bench of the convention sweeping Mike Gee.
Negatives were;
-Peter Ross' column. when I read an opinion piece and come away wondering what exactly the point was then I wonder if maybe its time to let someone else do the writing....
-An article on building a 13335mm (or 44') guards van. This has somehow annoyed me to the point where I would like to tie the author up and beat him with a stout stick until he starts using feet as a measurement. When reference is made to 9144mm guards vans as well (yes 30', but why couldn't he just sodding write it), it really does just smack of the author being caught up in his own cleverness.

despite this, I would rate the journal on top, which for me is a bit of a rarity.