Friday, July 10, 2009


I was going to have a look into options for couplers from the English 2mm guys, but my research is still going. So instead I thought I would have a look at adapting the Rapido couplers for unit trains. By this I don't just mean a long rake of coal wagons, a 'milky' or a long container train Instead I'm talking about a set of wagons that are permanently coupled to each other. This set would normally have a microtrains coupler at each end, and fixed Rapido couplers in between. Now the normal couplers have a little up and down movement to do important stuff like uncouple. However this is the last thing that you want your set of wagons to do is come apart in front of the paying punters. The first step is to glue the couplers so that they won't move. This then presents problems on curves when the couplers don't flex at all. There is a way around this though. By making a few simple cuts the problems are solved and your 4 wheeled wagons will roll around curves as god had intended. Does it work? a rake of 30 Lc's can't be wrong!

In the picture we have on the left an unmodified Rapido coupler. On the right we have the modified version with 2 90-ish degree cuts made in the corners. This solves the engineering problem. The over scale problem can be solved by removing more plastic, which could well become part 3 in this series.


Anonymous said...

The 2 mil scale/asscociation has a couple called the DG. If you look under products/coaches they have a list of product items.

Anonymous said...

The DG product can evidently be made especially for 3mm (TT)which is closer to NZ120 size.
- see para 3 of

See also

Has anyone tried either of these?

Drew said...

Any merit in a bulk order of these couplings, or is it cheaper and easier to get microtrains knuckles??

These DG things look and sound quite nice and simple