Saturday, July 11, 2009


7:00 Wake up, decide it far to early, and try to go back to sleep. Unfortunately brain is awake, and someone else is snoring.
8:00 Get up, get gear sorted. Quick check of E-mail and blog to see if anything intelligent in comments. Trackgang 13' underframes have not arrived so will go without them. Remember doe's and don'ts about exhibitions; plenty of coke, and try to avoid people wearing hats or badges.
9:00 Load up bike. Make sure nothing is left behind. Question sanity of going out while its 1C outside on bike.

'Holy flapping bat turds, to the workshopmobile'

9:30 Arrive at Founders park. Discover that park not open till 10. Also discover that have left plastic cement at home. Bugger.
10: Get let in. Get set up at venue. Lay out all models etc, then have a quick look round. Next to an ON30 layout, and across from a European Ho layout. Next to large heater which is nice. Make a start on altering PECO chassis to go under a set of La's.
'Hmmm, maybe if I moved around it would stay tidy'

10:41 First punters through the door. Wonder if anyone will come out when its not overly warm
12:00 Made it to lunch. Notice that number of punters now equals the number of exhibitors. Feet cold, and fingers not overly nimble either. 5 Minute Araldite taking 15 minutes to set.
1:00 Friend rescues me and we go to the cafe for a beer.
1:30 Arrive back as desk, and get accosted by man wearing hat and badges who seems to know me. great.
(turns out to be a good chap).
2:30. Finish up la's. Try to start other stuff but have no plastic glue. Another group member passes through, and comments that he was not aware exhibition was on, and only turned up to film the DSA. wonder idly if I have been set up.
4:00. Pack up. Maybe 100 people through the door during the day. Have had more in shows in Waimate. Organiser comes over to see how I went. Lament the lack of plastic glue.
'Oh, I've got some under the layout".......


Drew said...


At least you put in the effort.

Well done.


Amateur Fettler said...

So it was only for a day?

Still, Founders would be a good place to have something like that, but it sounds like there was very little publicity....

Motorised Dandruff said...

Its actually 4 days, and if it had been 1/2 way decent yesterday I would have gone back today. And the venue would be better if it was somewhere warmer.