Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Out of the concrete-work

After the Marton loco shed pictures we have had a small group come out of the concrete to say that they like such abominations. Personally I find this odd (and I have a passing affection for the re-cabbed Dg's), but to keep the people meeting in the phone-box who like these sort of things happy, here's some more pictures (thanks to Michael Harrison, sort of:v)

The first is of a perfectly civilized good shed build by good hard working craftsmen in the days of the British empire.

Then we have a collection of sheds built by various layabouts and designed by people with only a t-square for company with all the architectural merits of Te Papa




Notice that the lack of a nameplate on any of the sheds, possibly due to embarusment.

However all is not lost, and here is my favorite picture of one of these buildings.



lalover said...

Interesting pic of Middllemarch goods shed. Whats with the overhang? Did they build it too wide than cut the side back to give track clearance?????

Woodville is a goodie, another that comes to mind is Onehunga

manaia said...


manaia said...

I like clyde, gose well with matching engin shed

Andrew Hamblyn said...

The Mokoia goodshed still stands, and is of concrete block construction.
The Hawera goodshed seems to be of similar design to the Clyde brick version and I wonder if they were not of the same era of replacements. (1960's?)

Having grown up as a young railfan with brick rail buildings everywhere, I too am quite interested in the likes of the Marton and Taihape sheds..


Andrew Hamblyn said...

In fact, looking at that Clyde picture, I would say that and the Hawera shed or off the same blueprints...


Motorised Dandruff said...

Middlemarch shed may have been moved from somewhere else where the clearances were wider and then cut done to fit.

Amateur Fettler said...

You'll be able to snap a shot of Mokoia next time your rumbling past, Drew??

manaia said...

clyde was 1980