Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reviews; Trackgang 5' passenger bogie

The last items in my box of goodies from Trackgang were a set of bogies listed as being for 'guards vans and some passenger coaches'. The wheelbase is 13mm (or about 5'2") and again I have no idea what prototype they may be following. I brought these to use under a 30' wooden van. The bogies that I was after were 4'10" (or around 12 mm wheelbase). The visual differences are not that bad though so I decided to press on. As previously I added in the Markits pinpoint bearings after drilling the holes out. I then assembled the bogies and inserted the wheels. The free rolling previously mentioned was again observed. The only real problem was that the axles were not parallel, which is probably due to my drilling skills as much as anything. To complete the modifications, I decided to add the external strapping from strip brass, as they are very important for the look. Finding a plan of bogies to BP1656 (the 4'10 ones), I managed to read that the top strap extended 2' outside the wheels at each end. A piece of brass strip was cut and glued to the top of the bogie frame. The bottom piece was the cut and bent to shape to give the correct look.

It was attached by gluing onto the bottom of the sideframe, and then soldering (Yes, Soldering...) the end pieces of the bottom strip about 1/2 way along the overhanging piece of the top strip. Geeze I'm crap at verbally explaining things. Its why I normally revert to the whiteboard before I open my mouth.

As built bogie on the left, modified bogie on the right. Its a short job which I think is worth the effort.

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