Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kit review; Trackgang Nc

(For some odd reason I keep starting to write Trackside instead of Trackgang; I'm trying very hard to get out of the habit Russell :v).

Tonight another parcel in the post. Several items but first up is the Nc kit. I've always liked the short open wagons as you can put a variety of loads on them. At this point in the review I'd ramble on about when they were built and by whom and how many there were to blueprint so-and-so, but I quite honestly don't have a clue. Anyway, in the bag we get the following.

2 Solebars, 2 ends a floor, the 2 sides, a brake cylinder and lever, a pair of non working knuckle couplers, and 12 stanchions. Oh and 2 bits of brass. I'm still wondering what these are for (update, I've found the instructions and they are for handrails and brake hoses). The wheels are different to previous ones, being sourced from America rather than England. They have short axles (14mm vs 15mm) but also a smaller diameter (5.2mm vs 6.2mm) first one good, second one...we'll see as we go.

First up I carefully used a 1mm drill to put a pinpoint into the axle holes on the solbars. I then glued one solbar to the floor in the correct spot. I also glued the brake cylinder on at this point (though it took 4 goes as the little blighter kept dropping off).
I then put the wheels in and glued on the second solebar. At this point I noticed that the new wheels are metal, and are only insulated on one side. Thus make sure you get them the same way round or your power supply won't love you any more. Hold the second solebar in place till the glue sets and make sure that the wheels remain parallel at this time.

Once the glue has set, check that the wagon sits flat on the workbench (I have a small sheet of glass for this sort of thing). If it doesn't, 1st make sure that the wheels are in the right spots in the bearings. If that's not the problem then very carefully bend the wagon so that it sits square (only if its out by less than 1mm). If its really serious you will have to take it apart and start again.

Well, thats all for tonight, You'll have to wait for the second installment tomorrow night.


lalover said...


Get yar soldering iron out!

Motorised Dandruff said...

I'm sorry sir but this is a family-safe blog. However if consenting adults want to do these sort of things in the privacy of their own homes then I have no problems with it.

ECMT said...

Be interesting to see how you get on with those stanchions. Not sure that glue is the best option. Nothing quite like burning yer fingers with a soldering iron !