Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ed update

Further to my previous posts on making side details from paper, here are some pictures of the bits involved. The grill door overlays are about 1mm round the outside, but still strong enough to be cut if you have a good eye. The rest of the doors and frames are easy by comparison.

In the second photo here are the 4 sides with their base coat on ready to be assembled onto the sideframes. the paint brings out the detail much better, and while it might be a bit overdone its what the eye expects to see on the model.

And why have I painted the sides red oxide? All will be reveals in a future installment


sxytrain said...

Did I miss in an earlier post the type of paint(s) you were using, to allow the printed lines to show through?

Motorised Dandruff said...

I'm using more overlays than Darryl, so I'm not worried about show throu of the printed lines. I've used humbrol red oxide (well, wahtever colour it is)as long as it covers the surface well.