Thursday, July 16, 2009

Superdetail parts for the eTch ceTera DC revisited

DB says: As a follow up to this post, I received the packet of bits yesterday to superdetail an eTch ceTera DC kit from Ken Clough.

My initial thoughts are:
  • The quality of the castings looks to be very good and clearly a bit of effort has gone into this.

  • The core of the fuel tank/battery box (if that's what the big lump is) obviously won't be of use with an Atlas or LL chassis - which already has a tank casting there - without surgery

  • The antenna looks more HO sized than NZ120

  • The cable runs (I assume that's what they are)are nice castings, but I'm not sure they're too prototypical. On the real thing there are exposed brake pipes running under the sills on one side and a square metal tube containing cables on the other

  • The ad mentioned dynamic brakes and tail lights...?

  • The rest of it looks very good. I think the exhaust ports, horns, fuel tanks/bb, sill channels, brake hoses (with taps!) and speedo (that must be the small circular thing below the horns casting) will look neat. The tablet exchangers are sweet too if you model that era. I might save them for a DJ or DG.

I'll use them on a new DC build in a few weeks time. In the meantime, if you'd like a set, email Ken at Cost is $20 plus postage.


sxytrain said...

Retro viewing!
These Dc detail parts are now residing in the Trackgang workshop, and will be due for release soon as packs as shown in photo and maybe some parts as individual detail packs.


RKBL said...

Hi Russ
That would be great, as I have a etch cetera Dc, which will need detailing once i have made it up.
what do we know of the availability of the etch cetera locomotives, are they going to continue.

sxytrain said...

Email Andrew through the 'Chosen Scale' webpage for ordering kits. Sorry I wouldn't know how many he has left.