Sunday, July 05, 2009

Moving on?

With the opening of the new Forum/homepage for the scale at, there's been some discussion at the yahoo group over the e-mail lists future. Primarily its been whether the list should be allowed to die a death and we all move lock stock and barrel to the new forum, or continue in both locations. The pluses for the group are that there's a fair bit of information tied up in the years posts, plus the goodies in the file and photo sections. Its also a passive media, with updates delivered to your mailbox without lifting a finger to do anything. However, its a closed shop. the 104 members are the only ones that can see any of the content, and we can't display our wares to the world. The idea behind a forum is to have a meeting place where people can participate in a more active way. Its not going to suit the armchair modelers I think. The biggest plus is that the forum, photo's etc can be viewed by anyone, which should jack up the scales profile quite a bit, and get some more people doing some modeling. It should also be much easier to follow threads and discussions, which is damn near impossible on the group at the moment.

So to summarise, I think there's no need to have these discussions now. In 6 months maybe there will be a change, but there's no point leaping of and doing something dumb, only to find it wasn't the right move for many people a ways down the track

It's been commented on more than once here at Chateau Dandruff that there's only really a handful of regular commentators (mostly ourselves). I know that we average about 65 visitors a day here, so there's quite a few people who just come for a read and then head off without leaving a trace. While this is OK, its not overly easy to actually run a blog like this averaging 1 reasonable post a day even between 3 of us. Hopefully the new forum site will encourage people out of the woodwork (Woodsworks?) to share what they are up to or ask dumb questions. Remember that we all had to start somewhere, some of our early models were far less than stellar, and we have got to our current levels of skill through shear tenacity and the application of liberal volumes of alcohol (well, that's my story).


ECMT said...

I personally think that one of the three NZ120 blog/websites needs weeding out, no prizes for guessing which ! I would gladly transfer all my files etc to the new site if asked. Lack of input by some and too many tire kickers are some of my reasons. A bit harsh I know !

Finally the scale may be getting the boost it so rightly deserves ! What with new web blogs and the re-release of Pats range of kits the futures lookin good. Hell, what's next ??? The release of an RP'ed De ?

Drew said...
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Anonymous said...

The DE will be here by Christmas...which one, it would take a brave person to predict !
But with wider publicity of our scale by going "public" on the new site, projects like this may get a new source of helpers.

As an aside, can this blog site be set up to indicate when the last message was added to the "comments" of each blog entry? This would make scanning for unread comments easier.

Rab said...

Your wish is my command (well, for reasonable wishes anyway).

lalover said...

I'm one of those tire kickers, and while not a 120th convertee always find something useful to look at or read in this blog. The humour helps as an aside.
While it is a dedicated 120th blog, there is much that is applicable to other scales where the general blogs are concerned.
Would be a shame to see it go!

Drew said...

I too have been a tire kicker for some time, and like lalover enjoy the humour and handy tips that are so prevelent on this blog.

I think it is a fantastic resource and should stay here to keep us armchair racers amused.

With the advent of the Trackside kits becoming available again, I am rather tempted to join in the fun...


ECMT said...

Sorry Lalover and Drew, you don't fit the criteria of tirekickers that I had in mind.

The humour is one of the things I love about this site. I have fond memories of the first time I read these guys ramblings in the Journal - classic stuff !

Keep it up guys. As Split Enz once sang, " You're a hard act to follow".

Anonymous said...

I cannot see why all groups cannot stay on each has there own pros and cons, i find the nz120 org one a fiddly for posting new stuff as all the forums i have been on have a post new topic icon, I couldn't see that on site. the yahoo one hard to find stuff when you are searching