Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Coasting: Updating the diesel fleet

DBR sunset on the Hokitika line

One of the depressing things about the NZ diesel scene is that we've had the same engines for ever. On the plus side for modellers, we've had the same engines for ever.

So for me to build a collection of locos to run on a modernish midland line, it will be pretty easy: just repaint the ones I have. To think, with a DX, I could model any year from 1972 to the present, taking my pick from popsicle, fruit salad, blue, black, Toll green, two Kiwirail schemes and whatever the next ten years of service we get out of them holds.

The first of my Wellington 1990s fleet to undergo a makeover was DC 4191, which became blue DCP 4559 a few weeks back (I believe this loco has just arrived at Hutt, so that number choice for a blue loco might have been a mistake).

Now my DBR 1267 has become 1213, which lived on the coast for years until its recent removal to the North Island. I tried stripping the '67' numbers off using mysterious solvents but this started to melt some of the paint as well, so I had to splash on some red after all before popping on the '13' decals, all these numbers being leftovers from DA/DC sets from Mr Wells.

Close enough. In the near future, grubby, nose-headlighted red DC 4939 will become one of the few red DCs that still ply the western rails - 4876 perhaps. Red DX 5448 will probably become blue DX 5448 (which was teamed up with one of the Kiwirail DXs recently on a coalie), the DXR will have Tranz Rail patch logos added (it visited the coast a few times, although I'm not sure if was ever on a coal train), and who knows, perhaps DF 6064 will be DFt'd. RhysResin DC 4444 (complete with those weird high-tech enhancements) will probably become black DC 4421 and then I'm left with one unassembled eTch ceTera DC to assemble in whatever colours I fancy on the day. Now I just need a few more DXs. Quite a few in fact.

Under the surgeon's paintbrush


beaka said...

I wonder whether you will be considering a plan of older model DX locos in NZ120. I am thinking of torturing myself by building a plastic/paper top for a DX.
The plastic/paper DF is coming along slowly. Have nearly finished the top of the top. nose still to build. Its not looking too bad for a first effort

sxytrain said...

Have a casting run in the pipeline for Dx's. Put it on the wish list!

Drew said...

Crikey, the DXR is ugly no matter what scale its in!! :)

4876 is still in fruit salad and a coast regular, along with long time North Island based 4133.

Perhaps TranzScenic liveried 4761?


Anonymous said...

Wait to you see the Dalans which kiwi rail are going to buy even uglier

Amateur Fettler said...

Drew, how dare are talking about the woman I love....

The DXR only got seriously ugly when they racabbed her and painted her up in that appaling yellow and green scheme. Before that, she was sex on a stick....If I'm allowed to say such things on this family blog (Hi Mum).

Drew said...

Oh AmFet, you poor misguided thing..

To be fair, I can admit to getting excited to see it the first day it came to the Naki, on a north bound freight one wet afternoon, and wheelslipped mightily as it came up the hill into Hawera, making a huge racket.
Dean and I were only expecting some boring regular DX, so you can imagine the glee that a couple of young railfans exuded apon seeing the then brand new DXR belching smoke and flame..

Was ugly back then too.



Amateur Fettler said...

Is it too late to buy back my introduction to you???

Darryl said...

I've always liked the DXR - husky and manly, just the way I like my women.