Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A quicky

I've been moving slowly towards a layout for a while now. As well as the almost mythical Paekakariki layout, I've also been mulling over a model of the J'ville line in the 60's. there was a busy siding to the Meatworks at Raroa which at times had 3 shunts a day from Wellington, and also busy yards in Ngaio and Jonsonville itself. I even started measuring up 'Der Room for a round the walls shelf layout, that may or may not be mobile.

I was stopped by one thing. The baby modules that I have built so far, while serviceable, are made in MDF, which I have now accepted is the worst building material known to man. It's heavy, won't take nails, and absorbs water like a sponge. The sealer of the deal, was laying out my Paekakariki plan last night on the floor (after the lady of the house had gone to bed). By making it in 3 x 1200mm lengths instead of 2 x 1800 ones it might fit in the back of the car, and the module breaks are in area's where there are no points. If the modules are 750mm wide I can get the scenery that I want, and the layout is easier to reach over. I will have to have the central module as a parallelogram, but I can live with that.

To further this project there is now a sheet of plywood sitting in the garage, ready for me to attack on Friday afternoon.

I'm now off to the pub for the evening. Botton's up.

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