Thursday, October 01, 2009

Monthly group session

Tonight's monthly meet was again interesting (not quite so interesting that we got to discussing pineapples, but still interesting).

There was a long discussion on the finer points of a C class carriages underframe and just how it worked in real life (with the solution being 'I'll just have to go to Glenbrook and have a look underneath'). This was more interesting as the chap concerned not only is making a model of one, but also owns a body and underframe and is slowly in the process of restoring it. A Railmaster model of a C car was produced so we could see how they had managed to do it. The manufacturers answer seems to be build a sub frame and then push the solebars and axleboxes out as far as they will go under the body. And I though some of our stuff was dodgy...

I took along the collection of guards vans, which again had some reaching for the optivisor.

Anther modeler is in the process of 'rebuilding' a Bersten Ab made in the 1970's. from his comments it sounds like a fair bit of it is being replaced by new bits. Tonight we had a discussion on how to make Ab tender ladders. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about these things my self.

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