Friday, October 16, 2009

Moana 8: Little Green Tufts of Silflor Everywhere

As a public service to the blog's vast viewership, I ordered some silly-expensive Silflor Prairie Tufts and Buffalo Grass a while back. They come in a fancy packages just like iPods do, although these are marginally cheaper at $21~25 USD. Cough cough.

Inside the package are two 'sleeves' of clear plastic, coated with blobs of sticky stuff, to which fibres of a grasslike appearance have been attached. Hmmm. So to install these grassoids, you 'wear' a sleeve of them around one hand, and in the other, use fine pliers or substantial tweezers, to pull off a clump (some are singles, some are clumps of clumps depending on how their glue landed on the clear stuff - you can break these multiclumps apart if desired), dab them in PVA, and add them to the layout. I like em. A lot.

I used one sleeve of "Late Summer Buffalo Grass" to do the scene shown here (maybe 2x3 feet) and its made a big impression on these eyes. As with most scenery products, you'll want stick to the more muted colours and avoid the bright-radioactive-green spring and summer editions of their products.

A couple of mocked up pictures...
.As an aside on the finer points of photographic technique, the picture of the sleeve and pliers above was taken with my camera hanging around my neck on 2 second self-timer, with a flash on top, pointing up at a 70cm long foamboard reflector held between my teeth. I must detail how more of these exquisitely crafted pictures are taken... :)


ECMT said...

Some seriously impressive shots - I like the 3rd one the best. I saw those packs of Silfour products in a model shop in OZ. A wallet bleeding price, but a great product with superb results. Are you going to do any flax bushes ?

Darryl said...

I blieve I did... wait for the next post :)