Saturday, October 31, 2009


With the Kiwi dollar being so strong a couple of weeks ago ( though it now seems to be back on a merry downward spiral) I went shopping in the US for some Ed bits. A protracted search of the internet revealed that a GG1 pantograph was probably about the correct size. At least the Americans work to 1 scale for N (1:160) vs the merry conglomeration from the British (anything from 1-148 to 1-160 depending on the moon phase I think). So with a flutter in my credit card I ordered the spares (both Kato USA and Atlas have very good online shops and you can get almost all the spares for their loco's).
Finally the box turned up, and I tore it open to inspect my purchases.

Mostly plastic with fine metal bits with very nice detail (yah). However they are a bit floppy and will require some sort of spring system to elevate correctly (boo). Comparing to the plan, the side elevation is spot on (yah), but the end elevation is probably about 1-2mm too narrow (boo). Is this going to bother me? Hell no. I now means there is a bit more reason to get the rest of the tops completed.


manaia said...

DJ! please

sxytrain said...

Though you may have 'invested' in mors for the EE M.units you need to build.