Wednesday, October 07, 2009

On Tour; The pride of the south.

Today we are in Dunedin Arrived last night, and to be quite honest the weather was not that great.
'If you think I'm going to stand in that fecking freezing water you are very much mistaken'
Parked at the lights by the loco depot, when 'good grief, there's a train'. As I was busy attending to directing the conveyance (I'm still not sure where the cars wee man that should do all this stuff is, and the manual is remarkably silent on his location) the lady of the house had to do her best to make a silk purse out of a sows ear so to speak. I'm sure she will get better at it.

'Might need to ask Darryl for some tips'

This morning, The good weather follows us and its a blue dome day again. Before heading north we have to stop at the most famous of all stations in the country.

'Its only a model...'

Its a pity that the only passenger train it sees is the Taieri gorge excursion train. I also just had to snap this picture of the spare carriages in the bay platform, as its a scene that is just timeless.

'If only they were red'

Further north on our travels we had to stop in to the famous Fleur's at Moeraki.

A beautiful location with food to match.

'Having to examine the non-alcoholic options'

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lalover said...

trainset line up at the station, the wooden cars are definitely the better looking of the lot, even in the yellow paint!