Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From the hip

On Saturday as we were tooling through the back blocks of north Canterbury (I don't believe there are any front blocks there), I commented to the lady of the house that since I was now busy with keeping the conveyance between 2 arbitrary lines, she was now in charge of spotting trains. 'Is that one there then' she replied.

Gadzooks, she was right. I tossed out several anchors, had a quick look to see if I now had anyone attached to my rear bumper, and skidded to a halt at the side of the road. 'Quick' I said, 'take a shot'.

'No, you do it' came the reply.

Why is it that despite millions of dollars in development, a digital camera has to decide when you push the 'on' button, that's really what you want it to do. It's like all the wee demons inside look up, put down the cuppa and hand of cards and saunter off to their action stations. Then when you push the button, the screen at the back goes blank, leaving you wondering while your intended subject thunders past, if you actually got the shot you wanted.

In this case it all panned out, much to my surprise.

'Look ma, its one of them shiny new ones.'


Darryl said...

One of them VwiRail locos

ben scaro said...

Nice scheme.

Finicky annoying question #345

what's the truck wheelbase of those things?


Amateur Fettler said...


Bogie Wheelbase is 3188mm, bogie centres 10058mm.