Monday, October 26, 2009

Putting it together

Further progress on the layout today. The base size of the module is to be 4' by 2'. I'm sure I've pillared this before, but in this case it did actually make sense. However, its not the whole story. There are some areas of the layout where i wanted/needed some extra real estate. I want to model part of the railway settlement, but not really the town (well, past the pub and the old building on the corner). I thus decided to add a 6' extension to the first 2 modules. To do this I decide to have a cunning plan. The first end piece was assembled as a run of the mill end plate.

I decided to have the outer plate run the entire width of the module just to make things look tidy. The other end got a semi complex end piece with a gap for the beam to fit in.

After assembly It looked like this.

The second module of the 3 is the most complex. while the settlement side has to symmetrically curve back in (to match the other module), the loco depot side has to curve out. However on this side I decided that a sweeping reverse curve to the edge would suit more.

And heres what the first 2 modules look like placed together.

I still have to do the internal cross braces and the trackbed, but I need to buy another sheet of plywood for that. Maybe tomorrow if I'm allowed out.

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lalover said...

very nice. Looks strong and light!