Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday night public service anouncment

While looking for something else tonight on our favorite Japanese model railway website, I came across this.

While I can't vouch for the dimensions, it does have spoked wheels. The price appears to be about NZ$130 (at todays 67 yen to the dollar).

No I'm not buying one, as I have just looked at all the 1/2 finished loco projects on my workbench
(and I keep spending money on brewing supplies)


Anonymous said...

this is on my list as a possible Ab or A candidate - its JNR's C53 clas - 97 built between 1927 - 31. loco weight 81 t; driver dia. 1750mm; loco length 13.3 m; loco height 4m; height boiler centre 2.5m;cylinders 450 x 660; tender length 7.3 m drivers thus 68.6 inches inreal life - Ace stuff is 1:150, so at 1:120 drivers are ?

Amateur Fettler said...

My Fifth Form Maths make it around 4'7" ish

(For extra marks, please show all working)

1750 / 150 = 11.67mm model driver diameter

11.67 x 120 = 1400mm driver diameter in 1:1

1400mm / 300 = 4.6 (decimal)

So probably close enough to not actually worry about in a scale where an inch is 0.204 of a mm?

Motorised Dandruff said...

Hmm, I must have got through where all they cared about was the answer (and since I did them in my head, I would have struggled to put down how I actually arrived at an answer).

so the wheels are the same size as well. you will probably have to replace the lead bogie wheels as they look too small. The cab and boiler will be going as you will have to build an entirely new top. The tender bogies could be modified to get them right.