Friday, August 14, 2009

Van pt III

Today we get to the make or break step; Painting. After a bit of consultation with my remaining brain cell, I decided to go with red (I've seen people paint vans anything from burgundy to red oxide). A quick look through the box gave me the options of Humbrol signal red or Tamiya red. I'd already used the Humbrol colour on the Da's and it was just a wee bit too red for what I wanted. So Tamiya red it was.

The most important thing with the first coat is to get a good even coverage everywhere while making sure that its not too thick. The colour is not quite as bright as the pictures show it to be.

As an interesting observation after the 1st coat there were patches of a worn pinky shade that might be useful for getting some of the faded looks on other equipment at a later date. After the second coat on things were very, well, red. Out with the magic weathering mix. Getting a darker shade into all the nooks and crannys worked wonders, and suddenly all my carefully applied detail came back out.

However after 2 coats of this I still wasn't getting to the grungy end of life type look that I wanted. Cue the undiluted Tamiya smoke. 2 coats of this and we are in business.
The last steps are a coat of matt varnish, and then a dry brush with the Humbrol chocolate brown. A very careful dry brush with Valejo Iraqi sand adds the finishing touch, and I think I may have just overdone it.

I'm still not quite happy with it, but its done apart from the couplers. and handrails.

'Hey, there aren't wood screws under this'

It doesn't compare too badly with the real thing.

I think the most important things with a model like this is to get the proportions right and add as much small detail as your skills will allow. Having the correct looking bogies improves things no end looks wise.


lalover said...

Well done Herr Druff.
You've earned your holiday!
The paint job does it justice

Anonymous said...

Who's are those hairy legs