Sunday, August 09, 2009

Layout ideas

Its come to my attention here at Chateau dandruff that we have not had any prototype plans for quite a while. So this afternoon we correct this horrible over site.

The station is Waihao Forks on the Waimate branchline. Its laid out on a nice curve with a combined road/rail bridge on one side, a small yard with large stockyards in the middle, and a limestone escarpment on the other side(from where the picture was taken).

Its a good looking intermediate station with a traffic source. I'm seriously thinking about putting it in a corner of my modeling room.

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Anonymous said...

The bridge over the north branch of the Waihao River was not a combined bridge, they were separate. When the rail closed, the old road bridge was knocked down and the foundations of the rail bridge were modified and extended to support the current road bridge, so when you look underneath it is half and half.