Thursday, August 27, 2009


Last night I got out my full size plan again. This time just to check what the sizes of the loops were, and how a train would look in it. The train is 22 wagons long, and possibly looks a bit short. However its a trade off between having something that looks really good, vs something that looks almost as good, but will fit in the garage. A big layout is all very good, but when you have not got the space to set it up, its all pretty pointless really.

here we have the Da with train, Railcar on the other side of the station, and the pair of Ed's in the siding.
Another issue I was looking at was operating positions. At the moment I'm fairly set at 4, which would be the signal/points operator, engine shed, and each end. I wanted to see what the views would be like from each end.

'Looking North'

'Looking South'

I'm still not sure if it will work, but until the thing is further along in the building process there is not much point thinking further about it.

And its nice to think about something other than guards vans for a while....


Michael said...

Looks good so far. Glad I'm not the one putting up the wires.

Motorised Dandruff said...

Opinion is divided in my head about the merits of actually putting the wires on, between the 'it will look good' to 'I'll snag the wires with my clothes every time'.

It could require a long shower to sort out, but I still have to build the baseboards.