Saturday, August 22, 2009

Quite Complimentary

AmFet writes: Admittedly I haven't had much time lately to wield scalpels or burn myself with soldering irons, but the odd moment has still been taken up with "pondering"...a most underrated pastime, and one that can be performed on boring train trips to and from work.

My latest ponderings have been on Locomotive paint schemes, and why some look good while some are real stinkers. In particular (in the stinker category), the TOLL "Vomit Bonnet" and the Phase II KiwiRail scheme.

My own musings on the TOLL scheme is that it was trying to introduce "Aussie Brashness" into our staid society (Un-Kiwi nose whiskers, Un-Kiwi Orange swoosh logo, etc)...and I have yet to find anyone who says nice things about it....until now. For some reason, I actually like the scheme now they've patched them with the big KR stickers, and I've been racking my brain to work out why.

The best I can come up with is that Red and Green are "Complimentary" colours, and so add a splash of colour to an otherwise large stretch of (what was) weak-kneed green. In my opinion, it is very striking and most "modelable".

I'm also starting to like the second KR scheme (and listening to Concert FM while I work), but that can be the subject of a second blog post.....

PS Thanks to Drew for the photo!


Michael said...

I'm with you Fettler. I do like the rebranded toll loco's but I just don't know why.
The livery especially looks good on the DQ I see down here in Otago every so often on banker duties.



Amateur Fettler said...

Agreed Mike, I saw the one at Picton they use on banking duties, and it somehow looks...good.

Stuffed if I know why.....

Darryl said...

I like pairs of the rebranded green locos much better as well - the red and grey cover works to mute things down a bit compared to the old Toll locos. I don't think it would have worked as well with the new vertical-split-personality version of the logo. Which I still can't get into on the DXs, especially the chuted ones.

Those DQs obviously still get around a bit.

lalover said...

Yes the DQ does look good, and the Dfts, maybe its because theyre a more pleasing overall shape than the stubby hooded DX and DC?
Didnt like the DQ in the Cato blue scheme however!