Wednesday, August 12, 2009

56' passenger cars

A plea here tonight. Can any kindly soul out there pleaase send in some pictures of the Trackgang 56' cars either assembled or unassembled. I'm just wondering whether or not to build my own or buy the kits (and as between Darryl and myself would want about 10, the kits might become quite expensive)


Anonymous said...

See here for, not a Track Gang, but Cross Creek carriage:

I'm not sure of the availability currently, but they make up into a credible model at a good price.

Motorised Dandruff said...

from the pictures i've seen of cross creek models I'm not sure I'd part with the money.

Can anyone do some reviews of the kits?

Graham said...

you could always try greytrainz coaches.

Motorised Dandruff said...

Again, I woudl want to see some better pictures and a review.

Anonymous said...

I think the cost of kit was about $12 a year ago.

The final product obviously depends on the time and effort one puts into cleaning up the typical resin casting artifacts, and painting.
The kit is supplied as 6 resin pieces (2 ends, 2 sides and a floor, and a brake reservoir?)- the roof is easy to fabricate from balsa.
The model in the photo was assembled in about 30 minutes, and then brush painted, "and it shows" you might say; but, hey, it's meant to be viewed at a N distance!
I have two more kits to assemble that will be finished to a better standard.