Saturday, August 01, 2009

More wagons

I've had a painted workmans hutt on my workbench for a while now (I've got a dozen if anyone wants a couple), and I decided last night to do something with it. I made a mold for an M wagon a while ago but I'm not really happy with it, so I decided to make this one up in plasticard. I use the Evergreen prescribed styrene as it saves me quite a few headaches. I based it on a peco wagon chassis that I had left lying around.

In retrospect I should have chosen something else as its probably not going to run on a train anywhere. After I glued the hutt on (and realised that I had not added any weight to the model, so it would just be a liability on a train), I added some tiedown ropes, and then added the chimney for the final touch. This was made from a couple of bits of brass tube.

I then gave the whole thing another coat of my thinned out black wash followed by a bit of a drybrush with black to get a bit of soot on it. I think it will look quite good at the back of a yard with a washing line etc around it.


beaka said...

I would like a couple of those huts.look very good. let me know how much + frt

Motorised Dandruff said...

How does $5 each and say $3 for postage? this applies to anyone else who's interested.
e-mail me and we can sort out the details.