Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's a floor in my plan...

DB says: Last week I dismantled the layout that I'd started and promptly stopped almost a year ago - the most incomplete layout I've ever made. I'm not sure I would have removed it if I'd remembered this bilious green carpet was underneath, but on the plus side, the room is a lot easier to navigate now without the large over-built wooden structures and piles of junk that tended to form under them.

Lessons learned: That layout was going to be bulletproof. People could stand on it. As such it was heavy, inflexible and involved a lot of carpentry (Mr Birch, our old woodwork teacher - who seems to get a surprisingly large amount of airtime on this blog - would be happy).

But how many people have a really (really, really) permanent layout? People move houses, interests change... I vow the next construction will be simpler, easier and faster to make, more flexible to allow for future changes and not take up the entire room's floor.

A layout passes, and I didn't shed a tear. It's the circle of life.


Amateur Fettler said...

I notice that the high shelf still survives, though??

lalover said...

Personally I've had my share of portable/modular/partbuilt/badly thoughtout/fun layouts.
Now I'm finally onto what is expected to be the first permanent layout in my first train room!
Even so, now that the baseboards are erected, there is still debate about the final form.
Guess nothings set in stone, or cement, or MDF!