Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Van part something or other; underframes.

For those of you with nothing better to read, here's the next installment from guards van central.

Next step in the 47' van saga was to assemble the underframe. this posed a bit of a problem as I did not have any bits of 2mm plasticard long enough, so I had to splice 2 pieces together. The pieces were cut 15mm wide (it seemed to match the plan where I couldn't see what the correct width should be). They were then marked and drilled out progressively from 1mm to 2.5mm. I then had to remove some material so that the wheels wouldn't rub on the undereframe. The electric drill was shanghaied into service, and using a 5mm drill bit, a fair bit of material was removed. This was then expanded with a knife and file until the bogies could swivel without the wheels rubbing.

The headstocks were added from 2mm by 1mm brass channel, cut to length, and then glued onto the respective ends of the underframe bits. I cut 2 strips 2mm wide off a sheet of 0.5mm plasticard. These were cut to length and used to get the 2 halves of the underframe lined up correctly. A piece of 1 mm plasticard was then used as the backbone of the underframe.


manaia said...

I like the drilled out underfraim,
I have tinkerd with deck lowering my self as there is nothing weres than a UK with a 9'6" container 2 or 3 mill higher than the loco infront of it, With my latist UK disine my flang clearance is so good that the wagone ran good evin thow the deck was 1mm to low
(room for bigger wheels) the wagon had to be raised.

scaro said...

Why is there that hole in the two pieces? Not sure . . . or is it just a case of being over-enthusiastic with the dremel?


Darryl said...

Black holes? Maybe that's where all those dropped pieces end up?

Motorised Dandruff said...

The small holes in the middle are the bogie pivot holes. The others are due to someone behind the drill 'getting on with the job' a bit keenly.

They are also to let any lead shot that unglues itself after the lid is on, fall out and not rattle round like some other wagons.