Friday, August 21, 2009

400th post

My first thought on this is ' That is one hell of a lot of writing'. I'm still amazed that there is only one other NZR modeling blog, and there still isn't anyone writing about their doings in one of the 2 older scales. I guess when one has to deal with larger bits of ironmongery, then one may be too tired to share their efforts.

I was going to write something more interesting but there's some interesting stuff that I want to get back to on my work bench as the latest bag of bits from Trackgang has arrived.

On the subject of Trackgang, Russell informs me that he has had a steady stream of customers. I'm still to see this translate into models being built. I've heard rumors that there's at least 1 DFT being built, and for those of you able to see Manaia's pictures on the Nz120 Yahoo group they show a fair bit of modeling going on in the scale, even if there's not much write up about any of it.

At the current posting rate we should hit 500 posts sometime in December. I suppose i could write a sort of wish list of things I would like to have done by then, or at least by the end of the year;
-Finish some more locos' (possibly the Ed's or even the wf)
-Get at least one of my current TS projects to completion (can anyone suggest where I can get plastic laser cut?)
-Maybe start on a layout of some sort.
-Start using the site a bit more as a repository for reviews and modeling articles.

Whats everyone else's plans for the next 3 months?


Graham said...

hopefully get my test NZ120 layout finnished ready to show at the convention. only got to find out who to contact to get it enterd.
have been redevloping my buildings i'm now plastic coating them with clear windows. and developing cheap bodied loco's to run on life-like chasies.

Michael said...

Congratulations on the 400th posting. Your blog has developed into one of the best NZ model railway sites on the net and has certainly helped NZ 120 gain some new followers.


ben scaro said...

Yeah, congratulations.

What a great blog. I read it daily.

You've certainly made it clear that TT is active at least somewhere in the English speaking world.

Contrast that situation with the US, where folk are still fantasising about RTR plastic diesels and other things which won't ever happen.

I'll be working on a master for a 5'9" wheelbase truck (from a shortened Russian Peresvet cast freight truck) for Australian Whyalla iron ore hoppers, and working on my ex-Victorian ballast hopper.

RKBL said...

congrates on the 400th post.
Next 3 months hopefully have a job and finally get some more money together to start knocking up some base boards, though Of course i could just do some model making of the models i have recently bought from etchectra and trackgang.

lalover said...

Yes I agree, well done.
And its not just 120th that benefits!