Monday, April 30, 2012


As well as a bit of a walk, I managed to get a few things done over the weekend. First up, J wagon chassis wheeled up, attached to the tops and with some paint thrown round.

Next up, a new set of 2mm association arch bar bogies that I have eventually beaten into submission.

Compared to the MMW wagons these etches are straight from the 5th and 7th circles of hell (and possibly the 8th and 9th). They are a bit of a challenge to assemble (as I've said before). They would eb so much better if they had nice fold up tabs like the MMW ones. I also must do some research into how far items falling from the modeling table actually travel (under controlled conditions). I dropped more than the allotment of fold up axle boxes on the floor, and recovered none of them, which implies there is either a wormhole to another universe in the carpet ( with a stack of aliens sitting at the other end saying 'why do they send us these tiny metal things, we need more socks'), or the laws of physics don't apply down there and energy gets created as elastic (or 'ping') energy.

Finally, and off on that bush tram tangent...the first log bogie.

I just knocked this up by eye with a 'that looks about right' sort of mentality. Soldering small bits of solid brass is fun, especially when the piece that you have somehow been holding together with your fingers goes 'hissssss' when put on a wet sponge to cool down. In retrospect it looks a bit long and I may have to cut the frames back a bit. having said that, I have seen all sorts of shapes for these items so its pretty much anything goes.


Cabbage said...

MMW has been working on a type 97 fold up bogie
It is still three separate parts to be able to put in the nutter spring details and the like
Present state is in transit between Scotland and Stokes Valley
Will keep you all posted when it turns up

Have got mail today but it is for the other 9mm scale parts for a Dub's

Yes MD I still have to make you one in NZ120

Magikan said...

I'm starting to think this wormhole exists between here and Scotland.
I've got stuff somewhere between there and here as well, turn around seems to have slowed down of late.

Cabbage said...

Must all be off on their Holidays

Amateur Fettler said...

I would suggest the log bogie will be fine once it actually has a log on it....something to do with proportions...or something.