Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ivor Biggun....

Am Fet angles off on a tangent.....

Although I hate to admit it, there are...."other" scales that people model in. It turns out that some of the guys at work are irrevocably attached to that odd scale where no one can quite decide on what scale ratio they are using and you need to mortgage off the wife and/or children to afford a locomotive. I am talking, of course, of G scale.

I made the mistake of going to a club night (again) and was talking idly about what I had got up to in laser cutting. As soon as I mentioned "...Oh, and a 1:24th scale La6 in styrene", Her Majesties Representative of the Armed Forces (Not the Sqn Ldr, the other one) said "Ooo, can I have one?".

Photos were duly dispatched to both him and our resident KiwiRail G scaler who we shall call "Gav" (mainly because, as a moniker, it seems to suit him; His personality somehow has a certain amount of "Gav-ness" to it, and possibly more importantly, its actually his name).

I was swiftly corralled in the tea room with no hope of an easy escape via that small gap between the coke fridge and the pot plant and asked "What else can you do?" "Ummm...what do you want?" was my witty reply. I then told him what I had the best drawings already Cad'ed for, namely the award winning J5 and Ug, both of which he had dribbled over at the convention. "Yes Please!", he squealed, almost fainting with delirious delight.

And so, I wandered into the den of Mr Laser yesterday and said "You know that Ug drawing? Can we multiply it by 5 and try it?"

Okay sure, its the Uga, but we couldn't get our hands on the Ug quickly. The top laminate is in 08mm ply and the bottom structure is 3.8mm Poplar. I have just done a side as a test as the drawing needs to be rejigged to cope with the 3.8/0.8 combination (previously the UGA consisted of two layers of 0.8).

So! Another little adventure starts. Drew wants some more La's for his planned garden empire, and Gav is keen to see the J5 done as well in 2mm. Both of these are on hold while we try and find some suitable material, we seem to be all out of the 1mm styrene for a inconvenient!

Well, a happy ending to what was a crap week. Heres a word to the wise: If you hear an alarm going off in train control, WALK QUICKLY IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!!!


weeduggie said...

If you are in need of a suitable small "oil engine' to shuffle your 1:24 wagons about on amodule or three, then Allen Doherty of Worsleyworks can I am certain run out the 9MM Hudswell Clarke D29 etch in the bigger scale - then all you need are the fittings and motor/gearbox/wheels/axles etc to have a real NZR engine to push your wagons about.

Anonymous said...

I have the complete set from this UGA brought on TM for my 1/24 railway. you did a great job, cheers Andrew