Thursday, April 26, 2012

Simple Module Ideas

Am_Fet scribbles:

After the Head Druffs last post on Opua, the old grey matter has been shrugged into action.When we were first kicking around the idea behind these modules, the stated intention was for "Branch or Industrial Line" traffic to be represented. Looking at the dimensions we were pushing, I dont think they are really suited to 10 car express trains or large stations and depots. But thats not a bad can have as much fun as you need on a small module detailing the bejesus out of everything.

Personally, I'm a fan of the "in-between" bits.....those bits of line that form a backdrop to the trains but arent operationally packed wee pockets. Almost glorified photo dioramas, if you are a couple of suggestions, both with a similar vein. First up, Nukuroa near Studholme in Sth Canterbury

This is really simple. Just the main line on an embankment, fields in the front and trees in behind. The picture was a winter special, so the trees might be a bit more of a challenge. 2 feet of this (or 600mm to all of you metric babies) would go nicely in a modular setup to space apart the stations and warehouses of other modelers.Of a similar bent is this scene beside SH1 at Hunterville:

Lots of leafy green trees in this one, plus some changes of level and slope for those handy with some foam and a hot wire.Sure, these may look like boring modules, but I can assure you any module built like this will always be one of the first ones used in any setup as the organisers try and space apart all the yards and industries.

As I've got nothing else thrilling to write about in the building stakes (still unable to hold or control a scalpel), I'll put together a few more suggestions from my own store of "places worth modelling" and show how they can be done using the new MMW modular standard.


lalover said...

I's suggest the NIMT beside SH1 north of Waikanae. The railway is elevated above the road on an embankment, but in places almost seems to be falling onto the road

Anonymous said...

Brilliant ideas all round this! That stretch between (old) McKays Crossing and Paraparumu is in similar vein - elevated track, road in front, hill/trees/bush behind. To break up the plain-ness you could stick in that rail/road crossing to the Maungatuks? SteveF

Cabbage said...

These things don't need to conform to any length
They could be, and I would suggest this is probably the best measurement, the length of the back seat in your car.

lalover said...


Motorised Dandruff said...

What we do in the privacy of our back seats is our own business.