Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Enter the Journal....

Am_Fet thinks its his turn to write:

I arrived at work nice and early this morning to find the kind library pixies had left this on my desk:

(I was slighltly surprised at the depth of periodicals we receive at work when I started, so promptly signed up for a few...)

Anyway, onto the journal. First up, another superb photo on the cover from that jandaled behemoth, Barry Fitzgerald. Boy, can that man work magic with scenery. Back cover is more work from boy wonder Grant Morrell, this time with a Bc wagon.

Inside are a 1:160 "impressionist" layout using RTR from Scotland, Peter Ross pontificates endlessly on digital cameras, Diode matrix route control for all you techies, some gorgeous photos of Middleton yard in 1927 before colour was invented, and Les Downey's remembery's (including walk shorts!). The main article from Crosado is a detailed look at a highway overbridge at Opaki....and before you scoff about a "non-train subject", these bridges are everywhere and its a very welcome fact, it would make a nice scene for those MMW modules...

In the news section comes the show stopper that Online Models is coming up for sale as Ken Cousins looks to this ends up effecting our biggest scale will be watched with interest. Also included is our own Graham Baker's obituary and the obligatory bumpf to round out the mag.

Verdict? Well, not much there for repeated pick-up-and-read's and some of the articles looked a bit like hard work to get through if they weren't your specialty. Having said that, the overbridge article is a classic (although I cant see many agreeing with me!).

(All these opinions are my own and are not necessarily the opinions held by Herr Druff and all those at MD Publishing Worldwide's headquarters in Zurich.)

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