Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Micro module plans

I've been thinking about possible track plans for the micro modules over the weekend, and last night I put pencil to paper to see how it would work out. The base for the plan is Opua wharf, with the picture that has inspired me here earlier.

So, sticking the paper down in the living room, and with the limit of a 600mm minimum radius, we get...

The whole thing is 4' long by 1' wide, which I thought was a bit too big, but turns out to work OK. I've used a Uk and 2 50' vans to visually measure stuff out.

Having sketched this out, I think I could fit a standard NZR station on 2 x 3' boards. Another option which I will have to explore on paper is Ngapara which I also think would make a cool model.

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