Friday, April 20, 2012

That time of the year again

Today the blog turns 4.

'Its all a bit much really'

I'm not sure how much that is in Internet years. at least several generations.

I've just had a quick look back to a year ago at the progress I've made. The layout is coming along at a 'solid' pace. nothing spectacular, just steady increments. I've had some bush tram distractions, which still threaten to build into a fulling fledged mini layout. Not much has happened in the loco building stakes (I've noticed that if the Ew project was stalled it would still be moving forward faster than it is at the moment), but some massive strides in the wagon building (entirely due to the efforts of cabbage and Am_fet).

So, I still have yet to get bored of this blogging lark. I was a bit surprised to discover just who does turn up here for a regular dose of stupidity and average modeling.

Aims for the next year? Build a couple of Freemo modules (and we as a group either need to have a discussion about this, or i can just set the rules and you can all like it or lump it), build a few more wagons to actually assemble some trains. Build a bit of scenery and a few buildings, and the fiddle yards at each end of Paekakariki. Oh, and continue to push more of you out there to sit down and build a model or 2.

All sounds reasonably simple doesn't it.

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Ben Sutton said...

Congratulations. I started reading the blog about 2 years ago (with a wee break from the start of 2011 until recently) and it's been great.