Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday morning

Well, RMweb seems to be down or not responding (which seems to be a moderately common occurrence lately for me at least), so I suppose I'll have to write something myself instead.

I've been doing some thinking about the freemo end plates that Cabbage has come up with in terms of what one can actually do on them. All good fun with a pencil and paper. We must have a chat about standards at some point, or maybe I'll just declare what they are. I fear getting bogged down again in a discussion where eventually nothing happens short of wasting a lot of time.

Its also come to my attention that there have been sod all photos on here in the last couple of weeks, so here we go to alter that with 'whats on my workbench/layout'

First up, cast W10 or W11 wagons on the J underframes. I've simply removed the headstock's (to be replaced at a later date) to allow for the longer top

Another 3 J tops waiting for me to solder up the under frames. Also the R1 waiting for new bogies, and the Ugas (having had weight added) waiting for new lids.

This of course is all going to be held up by a load of wood to stack and fishing later in the day.

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0-4-4-0T said...

Talking about standards...I accept it's a minority view but I've always thought that the laws of geometry need to be adhered to regardless of any excuses or rhetoric to the contrary.

When the new MMW modules with scenery meet one another for the first time, the height of the track from the base of the sleepers to the top of the rail needs to be the same on all modules. Similarly, for the track to fit the notch in the module endplates, the sleepers need to be the same length - otherwise there will be slop, or the notches will be widened in different ways to get the track in. Unless both issues are addressed identically on all modules, the track won't align and the big get-together of over 100 modules from around the country will be ...umm... a big disappointment.

Can Cabbage please tell everyone what brand of track and of what code rail he used when creating the notch?

(I have no access to my email at present as my house has been taken over for use as a film set!)