Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Module ends for sale

Some blatant advertising......

Join the growing craze
NZ120 Micro Module available here

Don't miss out
Get yours now 

Yes that's right only $20 for a Laser Cut ply wood end
But wait there is more Order now and we'll give you two ends, enough to start your new Micro Module today
But that is not all you'll also receive a standard code 55 track piece to start your track from

Contact Cabbage at


Ben Sutton said...

Definitely keen. Bit of a cash flow problem this week though. Is it cool if I place an order in two weeks? I'd be after two modules worth.

Cabbage said...

Quite happy to deliver them to you next week and you can square us up later
Drop us a line offline at
I'm working out Takapu Road all next week so will be going past you more than once