Sunday, April 29, 2012

Micro Module W?????.....

Cabbage questions...

MMW Micro Module W??.... What?

Maybe World, Wares, Wards or railWays

Herr Druff proposed the original idea which we (the mottly crew) thrashed around until we came to a workable (we hope) idea, based on the laser cut interlocking ends and a "standard" section of track.
The "hole" in the top of the module end is 16mm wide and 4mm above the baseline of the module end and is designed to fit Atlas set track

The standard parts of the design are:
  • the laser cut end
  • a short section of Atlas Code 55 set track
There is no standard length
There is no standard width

It would be nice if there was a standard for the track but maybe the head Druff can fill in the gaps here
I would say NRMA compliant, so not PECO.

MD comments

I'm in motion to purchase some Atlas code 55 set track to cut pieces up for each end plate. I'll then merrily distribute them with each set of end plates so that everyone gets the same (well, allowing for experimenter error). Other things we will sort out as we go, which will annoy some of the control freaks out there, but that is just how we tend to do things (IE its going to be an evolution thing rather than commit things to paper that might not work in real life). 2 wires between each module, possibly just by twisting them together. If we actually manage to get some interest rolling, then we can sort out a longer range DCC setup.

Just as an aside, do Parkside dundas wheels (which are not NMRA standard, but can be shuffled out on the axles to fit the standard) run on atlas code 55 rail without hitting stuff. May as well check out these things just in case its not going to work.

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