Sunday, April 22, 2012


This weekend just past I've been ruminating on a few things.

-Now we have a fool proof module end, where does it go from here? Do we go down the 'serious' NMRA standards only with code 55 track etc' or do we go with the Cheap and cheerfull be able to run all course scale models. I'm sort of leaning towards the latter.

There was some otherstuff, but at this point it was time to stop thinking and start modeling. Often solves a stack of problems.

3 more J sheep wagon underframes (sans wheels) which took me less than 90 minutes to do. Constrast this with the 2mm arch bar bogies which have taken the same amount of time for one bogie.

Only another 15 to go.....


MaverickNZ said...

Is the module standard you mention different to the one discussed on the NZ120 site? Im a student at the moment but when I finish study I want to start doing some NZ120 modelling and a modular standard would be useful as it would be good to join with other modules at some point to make a bigger layout.

Motorised Dandruff said...

No, its the one that is sort of started here.
The larger module standard really needs a champion to run with it, and I'm just not that chap.