Friday, March 12, 2010

On my workbench

Today's photo comes from the workbench. Its something I've been plugging away at slowly for a while now.

The mech started life as an Sd40-2 bogie. If i was to place it the other way the wheelbase would be correct for an F, but I like the idea of an empty cab. I added Sd-70 wheels to get the right diameter. The brass frames are for pickup and to hold the axles in the correct place (this is normally done by the outside pickup thingies). The micro motor is from Nigel Lawton. Its a small 6v job with a resistor connected. I just soldered the wires onto the frames. The top is from plasticard and paper at the moment, I'll build a real one out of brass at some point. Still not sure if it will run, and I need to remove the pinpoints and add spoked inserts to the wheels. Oh, plus all the detail bits.

So whats on everyone elses workbench?

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muir said...

nice project -
My workbench has started projects of 2x 37' guards vans, an RM100, an FM, a standard RM, thoughts on an H class, and some experimental track with all tools neatly piled up everywhere in an enormous mound with a small working area over in a corner. Plan B has come to fruition where the items on bench a are being moved to bench b, allowing a to fill up again. Items on bench b get reassessed and recycled.
All these projects are a direct influential result of this website you realise?
But thats a really nice looking f you've got there (can I say the 'f' word?)