Monday, March 22, 2010

An Exibitors dairy pt II

8:30 AM. Decide that last nights investigation into $10 Pinot noir while watching the documentary channel till early in the morning was not a particularly sound plan. Wonder about deja vue, but decide I've seen it all before. Pop Ed's into bag. Running late so take car instead.

9:55. Arrive at venue, park and walk extra 20M to door. Drop gear off, deliver more locos to Belgrove N gauge layout. Wander round absent mindedly and do some operating on the S scale layout. Have a look at some pictures of Paekakariki and Palmerston north in 1960's. Get some more information to store for future use.

11:00 AM. Finally make it all the way across the hall to Robin Knights emporium. A modern day version of Alladins cave (but without the swords and gold and jewels, though I wouldn't bet against there being some of them in there). Purchase a second can motor (you can't have too many at this price) and some universals for drive shafts. Comment on how this may force me to eat toast for the rest of the week. He manages to shed a tear quite convincingly...

1:45. Relief turns up late again, but he was printing out some flyers to give away for the group. Let him off with some sarcasm. Tea tasting funny. Maybe its the bromine...

3:00 PM. Another local modeler turns up with some S scale models to try. The Vulcan railcar works beautifully. The Kb is not so good, but some surgery on the motion yields good results, and it runs very nicely.

'I've tuned her myself and I can get an extra 2MPH out of her'
'How fast did she go before?'
'She ain't never been before.'

4:00 PM. Move over to the N gauge layout, and try running some of my other locos apart from the Da's (which have performed well despite their 20 years of age). The railcar refuses to go round the tight curves, and I fear some surgery may be in order. The Ed's perform above expectations, taking tight corners in their stride.

4:45. Once again its time to pack up. After everything is tidied off, its up and onto the truck. Done in 10 minutes. Maybe there is something to this one piece idea after all.

I'm lost for words. I just hope we arn't getting charged!'


Greg said...

I still prefer the Bambina as a layout moving vehicle of choice for our scale.

lalover said...

Travelling roadshow?????

Motorised Dandruff said...

Model railwaying with teh blues brothers.
'We're getting the layout back together'