Monday, March 15, 2010

And so it begins

I've spent last night sorting out the track layout for the south end of Paekakariki. A local modeler was kind enough to make me some tracklaying templates in several radii (750, 1200 and 1800mm) and I used these to sort out just where everything went. The most important bit here is the crossover that all the loco movements are going to go through for southbound trains. I started off with a 750mm radius, but then decided that I could fit in a1200mm instead. The balsa shape is Ka sized and is being used to check clearances with the electric stabling siding, and also that there won't be too much overhang .

The curves on the town side of the layout look very sexy....

I'm quite lucky here in that the tracks at the north end of this board are all parallel so its very easy to lay them out. it will get harder from here on it as the loco depot has a stack of tracks that will take a fair bit of thinking about how to do them. Fortunately the lady of the house is away next week and I will get to 'expand' for a few days. Now all I need is a package from Woodsworks to turn up, and we are in business (well, plus some more tools...)

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