Sunday, March 21, 2010

J - Low.....

Am_Fet writes: Yes, yet again another update in this deathless epic. I have put together the Mk III version of the J5 as a bit of a reminder as to what was happening, as the Mk IV is already at the etchers. Unfortunately, it didnt go together as planned (Hence the "low" in the title).....

I think I may still have some geometry problems, especially how the ends go together. Trying to jam in the two end layers, the sides, floors and inside all gets a bit convoluted. The mylar side and end strappings are the original ultra thin ones, the next ones on the Mk IV are thicker and easier to handle. Still needs the wires on the sides and top of the doors.

And the less said about the roof, the better....I think it will be saved if I can get the grain of the ply to run lengthwise. Cabbage has suggested making up a gluing jig so bits of wire can be glued in, then the whole shebang is bent to shape and dropped on.

Things I'm pleased with: The mylar strapping defintely looks the part on the sides, and the gratings on the top level have come out great.

So the final rating will probably be "Tricky, Yet Achievable".

I'm pushing hard to have some for sale (with all the kinks ironed out) with Cabbage at the convention, hopefully around the $25 mark.

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