Monday, September 21, 2009

3rds a charm

Back to guards vans again.

My previous attempts to add some detail to the bogies with microstrip looked really good, but were both (here is the first, the second was a bit worse and thankfully goes unrecorded).

Today I was thinking about something else when I cracked the obvious way to do this (hint; if you are trying to solve a problem either have a shower or think about something else, its far quicker). Take a piece of brass microstrip and mark out the correct length (the top of the bogie plus about 5mm each end), with about 15mm extra at each end. At the correct points bend the strip 180 degrees on itself and clamp with pliers. Hold about 2mm of this in the pliers and then bend the short section back 90 degrees and make sure that the bend is square. then bend to about 70 degrees from normal and cut down to about 5mm each extra bit. This should then glue onto the top of the bogies. Hopefully the picture explains it a bit better.

'expand me and it might make sense'

This seems to be the easiest method I've come up with for adding this detail, and requires the least in the way of soldering (my favorite value for this; none)

UPDATE; got a picture of the reall thing today, and It apepars that my solution is almost identical looks wise to the real thing.

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