Friday, September 04, 2009


Went along to the support group last night. Another pleasant evening. The ringmaster was laid up with a poisoned leg (a careless assassination attempt?). I offered to have a look ( i am a doctor after all) but this was refused for some odd reason. I took along the 2 Guards vans as well as the trackgang guards van underframe to show the improvements.

Several of the group had been down to the annual modelers weekend several weekends ago. One of the story's that they came back with was of interest to me. One of the talks was by someone who had brought an online Vulcan rail car, and then modified it to make it more 'correct'.

This got me thinking a bit, as its been rumbling around in the vast spaces of my head between brain cells. When I buy a kit I tend to regard it as a tool to make a model I want, but accept that there are bits that I will want to modify/replace to get the look that I want. The reviews that I write here tend to be based on this premise. However I'm (semi) conscious that other people might look at my reviews and think 'oh that's far too much work to put into a kit I just won't buy one'. Now personally I am finding it great to have the trackgang products available, as they are a good basic model, and provide a solid foundation for further detailing etc. I love being able to get bogies, underframes and the wee detail bits that I find I just can't make myself without a great deal of effort.

So for Friday night, any thoughts on this?

(And finally, I think I've been rumbled locally. I'm sure I heard someone mutter the blog name from the other side of the room as the van's were being passed around. You know who you are...)

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sxytrain said...

I realise that not all modellers are satisfied with whats avaliable in kit form, but I agree it gives people a base to start from. I'm quite happy to look at requests for 'bits and pieces' to satisfy those who wish to scratchbuild as MDruff has done with his guardsvan. A project well done I say.