Saturday, September 05, 2009

All Blocked Up

AmFet writes: At the risk of being excommunicated from the Nelson branch of the family, I thought I would revisit that contentious old chestnut, concrete railway structures and their inherent beauty.....I can hear the howls of protest already, especially from those not bored into submission by the deathless epic that is the guards van series....

Anyhoo, I present for your perusal this fine evening Exhibit A: Mokoia Goods Shed.

Now when Drew first pointed this out to me (as we sauntered past at around 40-odd K with 16 empty OM's on the back), I originally guessed that the building had been reclad at some time with concrete blocks over an older structure to increase its longevity...I mean, whose ever heard of a goods shed from concrete block?

BUUZZZZ! "Well, thats not quite the answer we were looking for, but lets have a big hand for our unlucky contestant anyway, he's been such a great sport!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, Exhibit B (and C, for the sake of completeness):

Damn...there go all my geek credentials I 've worked so hard to attain...

Items of interest:

- The heading is for a "Standard Goods Shed"....can anyone name any others built to this pattern?

- The drawing suggests that is was always designed for concrete block use, especially the second sheet which shows how to reinforce the corners and columns.

- Note the base and loading decks are all cast concrete, with the hollow shell filled with "Hard Fill"

Now for the fun replicate all this! I'm thinking of photoshopped printed card, but any suggestions from the Peanut Gallery would be most welcome.

BTW, I was going to threaten another "Whats on my Workbench" column, but somehow I dont think my Hasegawa 1:48th MkXIV Spitfire somehow counts...


lalover said...

Am Fet, 1/24th scale would be more acceptable!

The concrete block ablution block is interesting. There was/is one at Tokomaru, definitely not WMR origin!
Bout the same size or a little smaller, no verandah, side access, same pattern concrete cast steps.
I have a pic if there is interest.

lalover said...

Actually its a little smaller, has outside hung doors (if the doors had'nt disappeared!) and the blockwork isnt overlapped its all vertically placed!!

Amateur Fettler said...

If someone did a 1/24th XIV Spit, I would be all over it like a rash...